Category: Architecture

What is lighting design?

Lighting design is the practice of planning and implementing lighting systems to achieve specific visual and aesthetic goals in a given space. It involves the thoughtful arrangement of artificial and natural light sources to create the desired atmosphere, functionality, and visual impact within an environment. Lighting design is an interdisciplinary field that combines elements of […]

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Ideas for a swimming pool construction up to 50 sq.m.

You can easily add value to your property or your airbnb residence by adding a swimming pool up to 50 sq.m. Here are some ideas you will get the pool of your dreams. It could cost you not more than 17,000 € and will increase the income of your tourist residence. 

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Secrets to a smart home renovation

Smart home renovation does not require special ideas and skills. The main concept rule here is one: “Less is more”. There are many ways to make your home stand out. In fact, a proper decoration makes the space always look neat and tidy. An experienced architect could give you the necessary ideas to transform your […]

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What is design, Supervision, Construction

For any small or large construction project, from a small swimming pool or a garden to a large building complex or industrial facilities, the design , supervision and construction management of the project are mandatory.

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